Reflections in a Petri Dish | Dancing the Apocalypse Tandava with Amanita Muscaria Claws.

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Well, we know that Santa Claws is a myth, unless you think of him as a big, fat, red and white mushroom that those in the know are aware opens the doors of perception into the invisible realms. I love making that reference because it makes those who have never ventured gnash their teeth and howl out of their unconfirming absence of any experience whatsoever of that which is known and verified by indigenous peoples the world over. Here is an interesting ticket concerning this. Those cultures abstaining from a general engagement with this sort of thing (for the most part) and rather relying on the inspiration of alcoholic ‘spirits’, are all manifest expressions of materialism at its most intense level and those cultures that do engage nearly all reflect a much smaller presence of materialism.



Some would say that an absence of materialism in a culture means that it is a failed culture; as if to say, that only through a constant onslaught of new technologies which outstrip the people’s moral sense and lead invariably to destruction at their own hands, can one measure progress. I’d say it can be defined according to where it winds up. Here’s an interesting digression that’s more of an ironic twist actually. Vogue Magazine has new offices and the place is filled with rats… heh heh. Vogue is one of the main outlets for Heroin Model Eyes. If you don’t know why Mr. Visible calls it that, you can ‘read all about it!’ Here. There’s a caveat of bullshit in the article about how the top people don’t indulge. Bullshit! They just have more and pricier minders or a different class of drugs.



Let’s not be forgetful of the point we were after. Think of it as one of those red laser dots in the middle of your forehead. It might help with your concentration (grin). Where were we? Right, Santa Claws (vision a Freddie Kruger like character dressed up as Santa and razor claw dragging down and through the reindeer and sleigh). Well, speaking of fantasies, here’s onethey’re dragging up into the limelight, during this season of giving, probably because whatever they are using the fraudulently acquired funds that they suck out of the cartoon watching public for, is in need of replenished funds. Never underestimate the consistency of the materialists to engage in no action that does not have financial gain as the motive (now that is some kind of a sentence). The look on the face of crisis actor, Erica Lafferty says it all. That’s about the most vacuous, posed false persona, glommed over the ugly truth that I have ever seen AND… I’ve seen a few.


via Reflections in a Petri Dish | Dancing the Apocalypse Tandava with Amanita Muscaria Claws..


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