Visible Origami | The Usual Details Concerning New Horizons and Lands.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your nose read the jungle like eyes in the dark.

Ah… it all seems a long time ago now but… it hasn’t been much time at all, relatively speaking. I’ve been here less than two weeks.. In that time I have managed one posting but there’s been, if not good reason, certainly good cause. The first week I was staying with a friend and the usual social interplay, the time of the season, and… getting everything in order put posting on the back burner. In the week since I have been in a new place, which I have secured on the month to month and there have been persistent concerns with the vehicle I came into the possession of and which, for a bit there, looked like it had come into possession of me. I got it from a not altogether dependable or trustworthy (at least it seems that way) individual but it came with a mechanic and… though he is seriously busy he has managed to find the time for me here and there and… the problems were, more or less, minor and maybe… maybe we are over the hump with that.

It is and it isn’t what I thought it would be. There are a lot more people and vehicles than I expected (could be the season) and the materialism of this particular quadrant is kind of through the roof; not to mention the sticker shock of things like groceries AND… everything really. I had expected an increase but it turns out to be triple what it was for many items in former times. Some things are only double and some are more than triple. On the plus side I got into a location that is at the lower end of what I might have expected. It looks like I can further reduce that in time and… I have time.

via Visible Origami | The Usual Details Concerning New Horizons and Lands..


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