Dieudonné replies to Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve: — Gilad Atzmon

/ Gilad Atzmon


Yesterday we all were Charlie. We all walked and stood up for freedoms to be allowed to laugh at everything.

All the Government’s officials – you included – were walking together in the same direction.

Yet, when I came back home I felt all alone.

The Government has been targeting me for a year now and is still looking to eliminate me by any means: media lynching, ban on my performance shows, tax audits, bailiff raids, searches, indictments… More than eighty judicial procedures have struck down on my kinfolk and me.

And the Government keeps on ruining my life. Eighty judicial procedures.

Since the beginning of last year, I have been treated as public enemy number one, when all I try to do is make people laugh, and laugh about death, because death laughs at us all, as Charlie knows now, unfortunately.

Even though I offered peace under your authority in the past weeks, I did not get any answer from you yet.

Whenever I express myself some people will not even try to understand me, they will not listen. They try to find some kind of pretext to suppress me. I am looked upon as if I were Amedy Coulibaly, when I am no different from Charlie.

It seems like you do not care about my words, unless you can distort them and use them to fill yourself with indignation.

Dear Minister, since it looks like I have finally earned some listening from your part, I wish to remind you one thing:

I offer peace.

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala

via Dieudonné replies to Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve: — Gilad Atzmon.


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