Smoking Mirrors | The Fundi-Gumbi’s and the Hoodoo Cowboys.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Slow it goes in the cutting edge West. Delay follows delay and they are attended by difficulties that spring up out of virtual ground like some invasive species, although, we well know, they are most certainly generic to these locales. More on all that later. Let us now turn our gaze to the doings of the day; brought to you and carefully orchestrated by the same people who have been the Hoodoo Cowboys for a good long spell.

I haven’t seen much news. Mostly I have seen passing foliage and artificial landscapes, where everything is for sale, including the people buying them. The former is available at outrageously inflated costs and the latter is as undervalued in the marketplace as it is in the minds of those poor souls on the auction block. I tend to think that when it occurs to anyone to sell their soul to the devil, for the general few reasons that anyone might be inclined to do so, it is already immediately forfeit and of no negotiable value. This fact eludes those so motivated and Old Scratch just plays along cause that be what he do.

Anyway… I note where some alleged Muslim extremists broke into an intelligence operation disguised as a magazine and killed a dozen or so provocateurs. Why provocateurs? Let us paint a small example, even if it is irrelevant to what actually happened. Let’s say you go and get yourself a sharp stick and then you head over to the dumpsters in Yellowstone and… you wait until the bears show up and then you go over to them and start jabbing them in the ass with the pointed end of the stick. What do you think might be the result of that? So… if you are a committed dumbass with no common sense, you publicly insult elements of a militant religion by slandering and defaming their founding prophet. Were what the press, that is owned by the people who actually did this, actually true, I would not want anyone thinking I defend such activity. I’ve no use for Fundie-Gumbi’s or their bizarre beliefs. On the other hand, I am not one to throw out the baby with the bathwater; interpret that however you will.

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