Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Unimaginable Squalor of the Banker Army Displaced.

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May your noses whatever…whatever (grin).

Some readers are thinking… some important readers (well… all readers are important) that I am not quite myself of late. Hmmm… well, you are correct. No one would be quite themselves after vacating a life of 15 years in a foreign country ( heck… any country), most of which was spent in a single room, looking out on a neighborhood that hadn’t changed much in several hundred years. Add in to this equation that you had to leave someone that you deeply loved but which cosmic impetus would not allow you to remain in the company of because… “there are things I need to do with you that I can’t do here.” Add into that a Buddha Dog with whom you were in serendipitous sync with for some years. Add in that you are not exactly like most people because… otherwise, you wouldn’t be standing apart looking at most people and wondering why they do the things they do, for reasons that are lost in a fog of mystery which… once you penetrate it and it unravels, turns out to be a vacant room. Add in some numbers of things which we won’t delineate because it would just take up a lot of space and simply reinforce truths that everyone ought to know anyway… but… doesn’t want to (No!) and… yeah… I am probably not myself as I was formerly. The good news is that that is not such a big deal because I am so convinced about where I am headed that I don’t terribly miss those who were linchpins of my life because… we will never be apart. We are linked forever on a golden chain of love and… I not only believe this, I know this.

Yeah… I’m not right and I’m up against it too. Many things that could go wrong have gone wrong. However, some things have gone right so… what do I focus on? I focus on what has gone right. There is a side of me (or anyone) that can say to themselves… “I am not going to be able to pull this off, given inflow, related to predictable outflow, as it presents itself on the chalkboard but… as I recall, I have seen these same numbers and comparatives before and… pulled it off quite well. Don’t put your attention on drawbacks, limitations and how things may not add up according to the usual mediums of measurement. Put your attention on what you can do for others. Forget yourself. You’re not that important. Do something good at every opportunity. Lose yourself in it. Forget yourself and everything will take care of itself. I don’t just believe this, I know it. So… yeah… probably I* am not myself right now but… what does that mean? Have I ever truly been myself… truly? Have you? We are phases moving through stages. We are what we think we are, on the way to what we are and what we are is forged in the crucible of experience, as we make those definite and inevitable decisions about what we consider valuable and not valuable. On that rests the entirety of fate, which turns out to be your version of self determinism. You get what you are after. Never forget this. You get what you are after. Period. “Be careful what you ask for?” Right? Right.

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