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May you walk in beauty always.

How many times I sit down to write something and my life intrudes upon all that I have to say and that? That is how life is anyway. No matter who the writer is, they betray themselves in what they say and whatever the subject of their efforts is directed to. In some cases it expresses a passion of theirs and in other cases it reflects the manner in which they intend to make a buck. It usually has to do with how they make their way in the world; how they hope to make their way in the world, or the level to which they will go to keep on going.

My life has been a marvel of persistent difficulty for a longer reach than I have known in a good while and I have known some periods of persistent reach. As I reflect back upon the whole affair I can say that, except for brief interludes of momentary serendipity, that is pretty much all I have known. I guess at some point I must have figured that my life might serve to be a series of teaching moments concerning what to do and what not to do AND… we all pretty much do what we do regardless. Even when we know better. We do what our programming and our direction of interest demands. This is what I have always noticed about people and why some people find it difficult to be around me. I notice shit. If you say one thing and do another, I notice. In my own case, one might say, “Yes, he’s erratic; some of his segues defy gravity”… maybe ’cause I have no gravity BUT no one… so far as I know can say I don’t absolutely live as I speak and that can create problems being up close with others because… truth be told, most people don’t. They cut corners, or whatever their reasons may be.

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