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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well… there’s First World and there’s Third World and then… there’s Hawaii. We ‘re talking degrees of speed and general functionality. I’m guessing, the way numbers usually run (unless they are dragging one foot behind them and pawing at the air with a reaching hand- like Igor- (grin)) that there is supposed to be a Second World there somewhere but I don’t remember running across it, except maybe the couple of unfortunate times that I went through Columbus, Ohio… or once in Nogales, Arizona. Maybe the Second World is some kind of combination of the First and Third World. Maybe it just doesn’t exist except in some kind of sinuous sidewinder, in and out fugue state; now you see and and now you don’t and no… you didn’t actually see it, you just thought you did.

We’re presently watching some kinda Chorizo Sausage of a film called “Inherent Vice”. It features Joaquin Phoenix doing a Jeff Bridges imitation of John Lennon as a private detective. You’ll see what I mean… maybe. It’s one of those pastiche films where they stitch a lot of independent scenes together in the hope that here and there, three or four of them might actually display some kind of continuance or synchronicity with each other but it never lasts for long. In the hands of a competent director and writer, it might qualify as some kind of art film, if you think The Three Stooges meet Twin Peaks indicates the presence of art. These days, defining art requires far more education than that received by anyone attempting to participate in the creation of it. Let me rephrase that, it actually requires no education at all to define whatever it is that keeps showing up as a mockery of it but… ‘it’? You ain’t going to see much of it.

via Smoking Mirrors | American Snipers, Vipers and a Retarded Elvis or Two..


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