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Much love Poncho… much love.

I wrote an entire posting and then I decided not to post it and that is why I didn’t post today or yesterday, depending on what time zone you are in. I feel like it is a little dishonest to go on from here and at least not tell you what the post was about. I put something together in the last couple of days and… I realize that the reason why I never tumbled to it before was because it was so fantastic. It just wasn’t one of those things I would consider, mostly because, I never thought I was important enough to go through that trouble for. I stand corrected. I have seen some things of late and I realize I am tracked and monitored. This I know now. It doesn’t change how I do my day to day but… it’s something I can not put aside or ignore. I can trace it back to before my SOTT visit and every event after. The truth is, I’ve been played. It hasn’t affected what I write but it does effect certain cardinal points in anyone’s life; should it be focused on you.

I didn’t want to come off as a paranoid reactive, or one overwhelmed by all his new possibilities and challenges. Some things I discussed, I now realize, I don’t want them to know. That might seem curious that I would even mention it and alert whatever but, you may be sure, once I started catching on and the evidence became undeniable, I am pretty sure they knew in the same moment. I won’t underestimate them again. The truth is that they can’t do much against me, no matter how powerful they are because of who I work for. They can create situations where I might be moved to doubt myself and they can create circumstances that just don’t make any sense and which the affected (me) might be encouraged to believe they were responsible for; that’s about it. Their power is diminishing by the moment. All they can affect is the comfort level of those who love the truth. They can’t change anything else and… people who serve the truth are used to being uncomfortable. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have had this ‘eureka’ moment. However, it means that I can never trust anyone again in the free and cavalier way that I have. I now know something that I cannot unknow.

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