“Ukraine understands only the language of force”–Zakharchenko interview – Fort Russ

“Ukraine understands only the language of force”–Zakharchenko interview given shortly after the destruction of a streetcar in Donetsk and his denunciation of the ceasefire.

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Q: Aleksandr Vladimirovich, the meeting with the mother, it seems you are still under the influence of that meeting.

Zakharchenko: Yes, of course, it influenced me greatly. It’s not the first nor the last time, and it’s very difficult to talk to people like that. You know, they start to understand where they are once they arrive. I want them to come here as parents. One mother took her son back and told her relatives this is something like a radio station, Ukraine will be able to learn the truth through him, because when I talk to them I understand that Ukrainian media is not showing what is happening here, they show only what is convenient for them to show. Victorious “cyborgs”, armed only with one grenade held in their teeth are defending the airport for 241 days, which we practically did not attack. But once we started our attack, it turned out that the victorious cyborgs could not stand against us for even two days, but only because we were wrong in our estimate of the number of units defending the airport.

Q: You spoke to one mother face to face for 15 minutes. What are your impressions? Do you think they believed you? Or did they want to leave your office as soon as possible?

Zakharchenko: I think they understood something, I think I was able to plant a kernel or two of truth in them. The most important thing was that I was able to look into the soul of the son who came here. I think it’s worth doing even at the cost of your nerves and time. Every meeting has an influence on their consciousness, slowly but surely. I think that it is possible to do bad things in life, but when you open someone’s eyes to the truth, they’ll do the same for a thousand people. It is worth the effort.

Q: Can you tell us about the difference between our and their soldiers?

Zakharchenko: Their spirit.

via “Ukraine understands only the language of force”–Zakharchenko interview – Fort Russ.


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