Dispelling Vaccination Myths


An Introduction to the Contradictions Between

Medical Science and Immunization Policy

© by Alan G. Phillips (Revised 2002, Myth #9 Revised 2


This document may be freely distributed—as is and for no

charge only.


When my oldest son was set to begin his

routine vaccination series at age 2 months, I

didn’t know there were any risks associated with

immunizations. But the clinic’s flyer contained a

contradiction: My child’s chances of a serious

adverse reaction to the DPT vaccine were one in

1750, while his chances of dying from pertussis

were one in several million. When I pointed this

out to the physician, he angrily disagreed, and

stormed out of the room mumbling, “I guess I

should read that [flyer] sometime…” Soon the-

reafter I learned of a child who had been perma-

nently disabled by a vaccine, so I decided to

investigate for myself. My findings have so

alarmed me that I feel compelled to share them;

hence, this report.

via Microsoft Word – Dispelling Vaccination Myths for pdf – DispellingVaccinationMythsx.pdf.


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