Visible Origami | The Significant Difficulty of Clear Thinking in Dark Time Zones.

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The world is a projection of the mind. It is an individual projection and it is a collective projection. One could say that the collective projection ‘generally’ has more power and potency of impact than the individual. This is not always the case. One could also say that the collective is generated and controlled by much smaller collectives of individuals with a shared agenda. Because this is the Kali Yuga, generally those agendas are of a negative and mercantile nature. It is what you see around you. It is what you pass through. It sets the tone for the day to day of existence. It sets the stage. It arranges the playing field upon which the desires and ambitions of the many and the few are carried out; to their success and to their failure. Ultimately, very little of anything that takes place here has any lasting meaning. In the short term there are so many things that so many people cannot bear to live without and which they will pursue in opposition to all common sense. A truly unfortunate amount of these objects and goals pursued by the many are dangerous and often fatal. It might not appear so in the short term but it proves to be so in the long term.

Many a teacher of humanity; many a philosopher, mystic and artist (moved by authentic inspiration) have told us not to move with the crowd, not to be subsumed in the masses. This is a difficult age in which to live apart. We are running short on spaces for apartness. However, it is in the mind where everything real, relevant and effective takes place; no peace or security in the mind… no peace in the life. One might say… “Well there are many very successful and prosperous folk who have no inner peace but… they have everything else and they are certainly in a position to have some sense of apartness and they certainly possess or can afford security.” It is one thing to have the trappings or capacity for something and quite another thing to actually possess it.

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