Smoking Mirrors | Water Bearer Consciousness and the Cloud of Unknowing.

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Well… well, the times they are transforming, or something to that effect; slowly, of course, like rock disintegrating under the steady impact of water but still, change is one thing you can bank on, should you be fortunate enough to interpret the direction of change. Here’s one interesting example. Although it seems to imply that people are waking up, which, on the surface of it, most observing minds would conclude this to be absurd, still; what else are we to make of it?

Then we have this ongoing trend, which speaks of positive change although we have no idea what it means. It could be a systematic effort on behalf of the darkness eating the darkness. It could be simply an expression of the insanity that comes hand in hand with the profession as it sinks deeper and deeper into the tar pit of Materialism. It could be… and most certainly is, some further permutation of the invisible acting on behalf of the coming age of Water Bearer Consciousness or… or what?

Then we find that despite Poroshenko’s immediate actions to the contrary following it, there’s a new cease fire supposed to be taking place in The Ukraine. Would this have anything to do with Greece moving into the Russian orbit or… just another gambit, as the result of failed western policies, to injure Russia for not knuckling under to the international force of ZOG? As it so happens, more and more corporations are doing more and more business with Russia than ever before. Something is going on but I wouldn’t know what that is. All I know is what I get from the Big Picture cause I’m a Big Picture kind of a guy. Minutiae tends to escape me.

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  1. By reducing the Russian currency who wouldn’t like the bargains, Russian unemployed must be zero.

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