Visible Origami | Only a Broken Heart can Find the Kingdom of Heaven

Dog Poet Transdimensionalizing…….

“Dogs never bite me, just humans.”

Three things have a powerful effect on us; cosmic delusion, the cosmic dream and all of the things in it that snag and entangle us. These are all generated out of the consciousness that liberates us from them. It is because of the existence of these forces and our relationship to them that accounts for wherever it is that we find ourselves at the moment but… obviously for some who read here, this is not all. These forces are generated, as all forces are, by the same source; good men, bad men, good things and bad things, true sanity and all the countless variations of insanity are all generated out of this same force through intermediaries that color the impact and the impact can be colored in all the ways you know and do not know about. This is not to say that that supreme originator directly intends everything that goes down, or… should we say, ‘comes down?’ Perhaps the more accurate way of putting it is to say that the supreme originator allows all of these things to occur and the intermediaries, such as they are, their quality and intention is determined by the age they are operational in. We get 4 combinations of darkness and light; light and darkness and each determines the nature and power of the energies that both deceive and correctly inform us. We are presently in the time zone that possesses the greatest amount of darkness in relation to light.

Humanity has wondered and argued about why life is the way that it is. People say that there can be no God because God would not permit some of the things that happen to happen. Somewhere in the Bible it says that God sets both the light and the darkness. In the Lord’s prayer it says, “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” This implies that the ineffable is both the tempter and the liberator and gives some element of truth to my claim that the devil is an employee of the almighty.

For me… it is a simple leap of logic to come up with the reasons for why things are the way they are and that would be what you so often see written here; it is all for the purpose of demonstration and it is a movie. For most of us, our attention gets captured by the goings on in the film on the screen. We get caught up in it and forget who we are. In some cases we forgot a really long time ago and we have been spending lifetime after lifetime in pursuit of nonsense, dressed up as something meaningful. Out of these pursuits come all of our trials and torments. I marvel at the resiliency of people who can simply go on and on like this. They risk everything over and over again for nothing. Because we are in a time of darkness greater than light, we are also in a time of the rule of insanity. Insanity looks sane because that is what appearances dictate as so. Sanity looks threatening and also wrong. It looks like an enemy of the state and of course, it might well be. After all, the state is an enemy of the people and… by this time there can be little doubt about that. It’s one thing to be a good person. It is another thing to be a good person in the practice and pursuit of truth. Being a good person might give you good standing in your community, however, association with truth can kill that dead. Good is relative. Truth is not. Yeah, sure, we can broach a good argument for relative truth; certain things that are routinely so, no matter where you come up against them. Truth in its essence is something else and truly difficult to define. It can be experienced though.

via Visible Origami | Only a Broken Heart can Find the Kingdom of Heaven.


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