Gone Midnight in the Place where the Sun don’t Shine.

Dog Poet Transducing……..

“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”

The world is in the spin cycle of a backwards washing machine. It’s not as much backwards as it is haphazard. From spin it next goes to wash and then it goes to rinse. You can apply a metaphysical perspective to this, should you be so inclined and actually in possession of one. Most people are not. In order to both pursue what you are after and- at the same time- justify it against all the admonitions of conscience, you have to suspend or discard reason altogether. You have to take logic and turn it into a tortured origami. You have to intentionally embrace denial, in place of being open to the truth because otherwise, your humanity will shotgun your bullshit into an inactive state and then you lose all your hooks, hinges and hangers.

Here’s an example of those who took this kind of behavior turbo at your expense. It’s always at your expense. It’s not at their expense and it is not at the expense of those who facilitate it at your expense. These are not the only lampreys swimming in a river so toxic it may burst into flames at any moment. Toxicity seems to be the nature of their game. Besides the gene perverting GMO heavyweights, who are so powerful the can compel judges to suspend the results of the democratic process (not that there is one), you have the pharmaceutical industries who are not unlike a weasel in a chicken coop They can do these things because the whole system of checks and balances has been distorted into system that writes checks to those who throw it out of balance. The administrative, legislative and judicial sectors are taking their marching orders from Bankers and the corporate industries are in thrall to the bankers. This is how you get an entire industry promoting cancer so that they can sell you toxic cures that exacerbate your condition and further amplify it by an ever increasingly toxic environment, made that way by the same vested interests. It’s win win for them and lose lose for you.

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