Like Butchered Sheep, Hanging on Hooks in the Slaughterhouse of History.

Dog Poet Transcendentalizing…….

“If there are no dogs in Heaven then, when I die, I want to go where they went”

My friends… I have been waiting for something like this for some while. I’ve seen a lot of commentary in recent and former times. Some seemed to have a portion of truth in them and some were just the same woo woo with no real substance, except for the kind of projections you see when someone comes around and says silver is going to go into the stratosphere, or gold is going to hit 5,000 an ounce; not that that would have much bearing on my state because I don’t even have any gold and silver… heh heh.

In any case, that article hits at a level where it’s hard to argue with it and there are some chilling statements like this one which basically says that the loathsome fracking industry ‘has accumulated twice the amount of subprime debt the real estate market ran up before the crash of 2008’. There’s plenty more. It’s stated succinctly and simply with credible facts, figures and theoretical certitude to the degree that anything theoretical can be certain.

How do I express the way that this hit me? First of all, I have been very aware of the fracking industry in respect of different viewing windows. It was definitely an ugly phenomena. It was a motivator in a lot of nasty behavior because it gave out the false promise that it was going to provide a whole lot of economic well being that would and did, feed directly into poisoning at home and mass murder abroad. It gave indications of energy independence, while observably being a dangerous and dirty technology that messed with the environment, people’s health and… well, the list of negatives is long. Basically in the simplest terms from my perspective, it’s some sick shit.

I watched the Satanic Saudis and other ZOG captive gulf states, conspire together in their ZOG agenda to war though oil price manipulation against Syria, Iran, Russia and others, cause others are coming; Greece, Egypt and various countries, I can see them gravitating toward this alliance because they know they are going to get short shrift otherwise, or be butchered, sacrificial sheep, hanging on the hooks of torment and pain in the slaughterhouse of history.

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