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Dog Poet Transmaterializing…….

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”

Depravity, thy name is TMZ. I don’t guess I have to go into the origin of that cesspool. I go by there occasionally because I find the place so hard to believe. They focus near entirely on Reality TV show actors and the Kardashians. That’s pretty much it. I feel polluted when I leave but I got my reasons for checking the place out. Of course, the reasons escape me at the moment. Maybe I always wanted to know what it was like to roll in a dead carcass like dogs seem to be very fond of doing; eau de la crypt.

Insatiable curiosity can be a good thing, depending on the direction of inquiry and given that you are not a cat. It can also get you into a whole lot of trouble. Any time you are so far outside that you forget about the inside, you can put yourself in harm’s way without a whole lot of effort. It’s like talking to someone in a roadside shitkicker tavern. You don’t know what’s going through their head and it’s not like it’s going to turn out to be Gore Vidal, stopping in for a quick one on his way somewhere.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if what you read in the news is an example of what’s going on everywhere or whether they selectively pick isolated bad things just to give the impression that that is the general state of the times. We know that bad news sells. We also know that the appearance of doom and gloom and darkness, helps the overlords in their efforts to confuse, confine and terrorize the masses. They got two big whip hands at work in the moment. One is the ever increasing threat of both unknown and known dangers to the stability of people’s existence and the other is turbo pumping up of the desire for unnecessary things. Motoring right along with all of this is the near terrifying breakdown in the formerly dependable infrastructure of state and religion and that is counterpointed and amplified by the daily exposure of those who work for the state and religious organizations as criminals, crass opportunists and general predators, in pursuit of personal gain at every turn, at the expense of everyone beneath them in the pecking order.

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