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Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet (if you’re a dog).

There hasn’t been much to talk about. It’s pretty much all been talked about. I could go fishing on the news sites for something to focus on but… it’s just more of the same. The world is the world. While you live in it, you have to be able to make your way through it to the real objective. Otherwise it can tangle you up and… when the tangles are allowed to grow, the vines can get very thick and seemingly impossible to break; even the more so when there is no longer the inclination to want to escape. You’re in a hopeless place when your delusions have become reality.

What I can talk about and which I haven’t had much to say, is Tsarnaev and that embarrassingly transparent Zio-Gov op in Boston. It was one of the most ridiculous pack of lies I have seen. Some people like to get into the details of these kinds of things and you just fill your head with what ever it is composed of. I don’t have to know all of what happened. All I have to know is who and it’s the same who that it’s been for a while. I could do maybe a ‘visible hears a who’. There’s nothing one can communicate about this and so many of the others; Oklahoma Bombing, 9/11, Kennedy and so on, that has been been able to impact in any wide and meaningful way on the mind of the public.

We’ve mentioned before that there is some kind of a vibrational force, or a chemical force, or some other force and possibly including all of them that… holds the common mind in thrall. I see that it has always been this way and it is only the amount of us that are awake that is interesting because, regardless of the wider mind, there are millions of us awakening in different stages and this is going to increase and increase because of world circumstances and because of Mr. Apocalypse. The beauty of it is that no matter how distracting the world is, Mr. Apocalypse is going to rock the Casbah… all over the world.

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