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Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet (if you are a dog).

Nothing has more impact on our lives than the day to day. The day to day is a powerful envelope of influence. We may strive for change and seek to catch the day before it comes down the chute but success is problematic over the long haul. Anyone can rev up for a week or so but consistency is a bear. Things get in our way. Gravity and time conspire to wear us down and under our own power, they will wear us down. Somehow we must connect with the ceaseless reservoir of all energy and awareness. The critical reason for this is that our each and several paths diverge with regularity and there is no common template that we can apply which will result in the same level of positive outcome in every case. We need the unique fit of the divine who adjusts both person and circumstance for the best result. Our micro managing our own lives while also seeking to manage the lives of those around us is a Sisyphean perplexity of fruitless redundancy.

No one who reads the Bible or the Bhagavad Gita, the Diamond Sutra or the Koran, comes to the same understandings as everyone else. The subjective force of Karma affects everything. Because it is Karma, it is geared in to our weaknesses and all the objective awareness we do not have, because of Karma. Only the one free of Karma can know the most expeditious route toward our own freedom from it. Karma can be likened to a fire. It consumes itself in the process of its acting out; except, people are all too often engaged in creating more and more Karma on top of what is resolving itself at the same time. Karma is never hard to come by on any given day. Karma is the nature of existence and without it, except in special cases, you wouldn’t be here. The trick is for all of the Karma you create to be good Karma. This might seem to be an easy course. It is anything but. What seems good is not always good and on the back end of experience, often proves this; someone once said, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. It’s not in the Bible I don’t believe and that is probably a good thing but… does that make it untrue? Most of the world’s biggest murders were ‘social reformers’. They saw a lot of good in their visions for everyone else. It turned into forms of personal profit which is sometimes good in the short term and nearly always unfortunate in the long term.

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