That Great Opportunity to be One of the Luckiest Souls on Earth

Dog Poet Transmitting……..

You know you are in the Kali Yuga when a dog is man’s best friend.

Let me start out linking up an article that I came across yesterday. They’ve been pushing this kind of thing for awhile now and you know whose money is behind this. It’s the people who own the mediums where this viewpoint is being proliferated. It’s a Tribe & Satanic enterprise, which is ironic because, they have this thing where they insist they are chosen by the god they don’t believe in. This posting is not about them except peripherally. They may come in and out of this posting and maybe there will be no further mention of them. Oh wait! Of course there will, obliquely, given I have a couple of directions to go in here.

Anyway, I want to draw your attention to the yadda yadda given by these people for why they don’t believe in the divine and… like clockwork, or kitchen mold, it always repeats itself; the numbers don’t change and it always turns out to be the same thing. It’s not about the divine. It’s about religion. I’ve probably got less use for religion than they do because in general, I know more about it; meaning that they have a superficial understanding (by choice) and I have a more nuanced awareness, due to research. It’s to be expected that they wouldn’t know much about it, given how little interest they have in it.

Let’s not presume here that I think I am any kind of expert at this very complex subject. I’m just saying that it is likely I understand the phenomenon better than the people in this article. In any case, it doesn’t matter if I do or I don’t. The point is that none of them have said anything about the divine. It’s all about religion. I’ve brought this up before.


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