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Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of tofu; thus does Cochise make cowboys of us all.

Once we were small and then we were not and then we were not at all; or so it seems, cause people come and go. They come and go just like the Karma Chameleon but… they don’t really come and they don’t really go. They simply manifest and unmanifest in this particular bandwidth for specific periods of time. We are all looking at the same thing, sooner or later. Most of us spend our time here to the degree that we believe we are here, to the exclusion of an awareness of everywhere else other than here. However, it is only this composition of aggregate dust that occupies this zone. Our emotions are in another. Our minds in yet another. Our soul and spirit also have their place of residence. We think it is all happening here but that would be a rare occurrence pulled off only by masters of the trade.

So… we’re here, more or less but we are not integrated. Our minds fly off in all directions. Our emotions do too. I’m guessing our souls and spirits are fixed but- most of the time- out of reach. These eternal features of our immortal but inactive nature never seem so far away as they do in times of material darkness. They are right there though. Your consciousness needs to be vibrating at a particular frequency in order to make communion. Imagine that. Imagine that there is someone or something you love more than anything else and more than everything else put together. Imagine that you don’t know what this is and all you have is a vague and undefined yearning. You’ve tried to quench this thirst with all kinds of things but nothing works for long. Not even the deepest sleep or the most powerful dream can conceal this yearning. You might interpret it as something else but its there. It is the most basic impetus, though our ‘blind and deaf to reason’ scientific community would define our basic impetus(es) as other drives because they don’t recognize anything outside of the bandwidth they are captured in. There are, of course, some exceptions to this but they are in the minority.

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