Visible Origami | Living on the Treadmill of Fear.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

“Questers of the truth, that’s who dogs are; seekers after the invisible scent of another being’s authentic core.”

If you are watching closely you can see your life change. If you look even more closely you can see it coming before it arrives. I favor the second. This is one of the curious mysteries of life. We should know that things are going to happen to us. They happen to everyone else. How does it serve that some variation of these countless themes will not happen to each and every one of us? I should add that just because I favor the second approach, I am not a trained professional. In any case, the first method leads directly to the second, automatically, as the result of paying attention.

Of course, there are people who pay way too much attention to the minutiae of things that haven’t happened yet and maybe never will. They obsess over negative possibilities. We call these people neurotics. Then there are those whose whole attention is focused on what they can get away with doing to other people. We call them psychotics. Of course, they’re a little more nuanced than that. Then there are those who are motivated to act out on those things that drive a neurotic batshit and they’re called compulsives. Compulsives do what they do because they think that particular set routines will protect them from things happening to them, which they don’t. Technically they are called obsessive compulsives. They are not to be confused with impulsives, who are usually acting out to relieve stress. It all comes down to anxiety and stress, which are the result of a fear based existence. They like to say that all of these are caused by chemical imbalances. Why do ‘they’ say this? They say this because the pharmaceutical companies lean on them to say it. The actual cause, generally, in my opinion, is the result of not being able to successfully integrate into a diseased society.

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