Smoking Mirrors | The Mind is the Ugliest Part of the Body.

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There is so much in the wind. It is as if the voices of many ages were all competing to be heard, at any cost, no matter whom it happens to. There was another reason for coming here but it got lost in translation. It was supposed to provide a quantum leap opportunity and yeah…. it was that but it turned out to be a quantum leap into the darkness in many cases. To each their own, I suppose. The scariest part of it all- could be- that it looks so totally programmed. The movers and shakers are in a tight groove of a downward spiral. It is obviously downward but they are not permitted to see it. The image of water swirling in a toilet bowl comes to mind AND… they want to take the whole world with them when they go. That is how I come to know what kind of a war it is on every front. As you are what you think, so you are what you do; even when what you think you are is a fantasy. It must eventually come up against that which is not. That is the simple reality of an apocalypse and why it is defined through uncovering and revealing.

Simple observation should tell us that committing certain acts has consequences. They aren’t always the dramatic consequences of justice seen to be done but… it does get done. We also should know through simple observation that certain other things have entirely different consequences, even thought they sometimes are not seen to be done… they get done. The world is as perfect as the vision of the person observing it and that does not mean that everything is beautiful and everything is fine. It’s not. What it means is that the world is perfectly what it is for the outworking of its set destiny; not entirely set but… what do I know?

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