Smoking Mirrors | The Clones and Copies and Confusions of this Xeroxed World.

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There is strange and there is just plain weird and I do believe this qualifies as the latter. There’s different kinds of strange. This is certainly different from the first one and what do they do with those cars? Anything? Here you have a classic example of the fruits of material excess in a world driven mad by runaway consumerism. As has been stated here many times; Materialism moves through stages that manifest as increasingly more neurotic and psychotic expressions of itself, resulting in pandemic individual isolation within ever larger and larger crowds of individuals. It becomes increasingly more difficult to fit in to something that is increasingly more and more difficult to fit into. This results in people having to become bent out of shape in order to accommodate integration with what, step by step, becomes more and more unnatural as it goes. Some things that look strange are not all that strange because temporal reality seems to be controlled by some crocodile sharks and swine who move like massive harvesting machines across the twisted alcoholic and narcotic landscape of the American Dream.

Is Steven Hawking a double? Has Steven Hawkings been dead for a good length of time? The history of what he suffers from says that he really should have been dead long ago. No one else has ever lived as long as this after having developed ACLS; no one has lived even close to this long. The photos really are disturbing. Are they convincing? That is up to the individual and how they go about computing things like this.

I’ve heard that John Kerry is a clone and I have also heard that there have been several of him. If something like this is true then that means that it is likely… well… it would be very likely, right? It would be very likely that some number of the lumbering mastodons that rumble about in the dark night of the collective soul, trampling as they go, are some sort of manufactured product. Following this argument, it would then stand to reason that all kinds of things we don’t know about are resident in the ‘hard to believe’ quadrant of existence.

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