Reflections in a Petri Dish | Value Received for those Deceived or True Value Comprehended.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

The dog is the only animal that has seen his god.

Ah… the sad tedious spectacle of it all. What an embarrassment it is cosmically to have achieved fame in this time zone. What an enduring sorrow to be rich and powerful in this time because… all three of these come at a lasting cost because all of these could have only been gained by a capitulation with the temporary powers of this age, which are assuredly satanic in composition, intention and action.

There’s a boxing match on Saturday with the highest gate and profit line of all time. The cheapest seats are somewhere around 3800 dollars and ringside is 380,000 dollars. The cable TV price is 89 dollars. This is what you will pay to watch two scholars pound the shit out of each other. Celebrities are bragging about betting a quarter of a million dollars and some are betting millions according to claims made in the media. A bar showing the fight must pay around 5,000 dollars; lots of bread for a high end circus. They are saying there is an app called Periscope where people can stream the fight if they have it for nothing. Imagine someone who paid 380,000 for ringside with their cellphone working the scene. It’s a little freaky. Would they throw someone out who paid that kind of money… or tell them to shut it off? These are crazy times. Give me that new time religion!

So many of us think ourselves to be smart, lucky or privileged because we climbed to the top of a pyrite plated garbage heap. So intoxicated are they that they do not notice the smell. They do not notice the atmosphere and they do not see the precarious perch of their position. They are upside down and backwards and we must be upside down and backwards to them; walking contrary to all the things they engage themselves in. What a pipe dream it all is and how quickly it goes away. Then the dreamers awaken in a desolate field, with no company but the most undesirable imaginable, besides of course, one another.

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