Smoking Mirrors | Into a Deep and Dark Mindinao Trench of Doubt.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
When a man’s best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.
Saw a video yesterday about the potential for a seismic event in California. Unlike a lot of folks who come and go, this fellow has a very measured take on the whole affair. This doesn’t make him more right or less wrong than the next guy but… we’ll know one way or the other in a week.
I mentioned this to an acquaintance of mine here today and he said, “Yeah, everybody is talking about that.” I don’t know what this means. I didn’t ask him for details.
In wandering through the news gathering sites where I go, I came across some mention of Alex Jones, David Icke and others having, ‘heavy premonitions’ about something big going on on the subconscious radar. Given Alex’s fascination with the geographic complexity of his own navel and Icke’s endless fascination with shape shifting reptiles and both of them with their larger than life fixations on self promotion, I don’t know what to think about whatever it is they are thinking about. Yet there is a great deal of tingly speculations concerning the creeping unknown going on hither and yon. It’s widespread and not the sole province of cigar store celebrities of dubious provenance.


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