Reflections in a Petri Dish | Dancing to the Music of the Planets Passing in Space

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Along with the myriad of ills that attend Materialism, not to mention the ever increasing ripples of insanity that now appears in so many minds far and wide, due to a complete capitulation of the consciousness toward externals, there is the drive of excess pushing toward ever greater excesses. They say the line to get in to this funorama is sometimes a quarter of a mile long. That is long enough that most Americans would prefer to drive that distance in their cars. Speaking of insanity, this is pretty much the wedding cake at the marriage of bizarre and ridiculous. It seems that it all comes down to the sexual angle.

Yes… it all comes down to the sexual angle. Here we are talking about that basic drive that is everywhere in your face. When you toss in the survival instinct by threatening the livelihood, security and economic well being of the ordinary citizen, it becomes easier and easier to manipulate the reproductive drive and bend the natural aspect of the force. The more they can twist basic nature into The Land of Perversity, the easier it is to drive people in directions they would ‘normally’ not go. I am not here saying that certain forms of expression are evil. They are more a product of the times. Nature is female. Things made from Nature are an adaptation of the female as well and when it moves into the area of artifice, it mutates toward expressions of the feminine within the male aspect in ways that it would not express itself, were the culture less decadent than it is. Anyone who doubts this has only to take some LSD and walk through a mall on the weekend and see what impressions come up. I am NOT suggesting doing this. I am illustrating that I have clearly seen things in this state and that was a long time ago. It is not my nature to ingest the sacred substance in such locations but… for the sake of research I have done such things and in places stranger than that.

via Reflections in a Petri Dish | Dancing to the Music of the Planets Passing in Space.


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