Smoking Mirrors | These Things are True if we Are True.

By Visible

Life goes on. We’ve all heard that and… what we hear less often is that life goes by and at some point life is gone. What occurred in the space of that passage? Some of you that are older are aware of how time compresses, as you arrive at different stages of existence. It speeds up. When you were young, a summer would seem to last forever and now?

This is less important than what we spent that time on. On occasion I mention ‘the recording angel’. There is an angel that keeps track of everything we do and that will become very clear at a particular moment, which doesn’t often happen on this plane and which doesn’t mean it can’t happen here but here there or wherever, it will happen and oh what a glorious wonder if it amounts to a good report, which by some higher magic has wiped away the shortcomings we endured on our way to victory.

There is something in us that is so much greater than what we are aware of and we have only to bring it forward into expression within us for it to take root and grow into an ever increasing presence of being; the true being of our eternal nature, expressed in the timeless moment, created by true being, which lives in that moment forever and always has done so. It is the coming state for any of us so disposed to arrive in that state. It is what the agents of the ineffable wants for us and it is what the ineffable wants for us. The ineffable lives inside us and seeks with a passion greater than we have ever known, or can know, that we might come to that place, that we might hear that knock and open that door unto the ineffable so that the ineffable might come in and flood our hearts with joy, so that we might be always one and never be parted again. These things are true. These things are true and we shall know and experience them if we are true.

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