Visible Origami | The Angelic and Satanic Subliminals Working on Maggie’s Farm

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

A dog in the bush is worth two in the kennel.

As you may remember, if you come here often enough for that to happen, I have said several times that the moving force in relative existence is sexual and that those who manipulate existence work directly upon the expression of sexual force. This is why we are seeing so much of what has been written about in the last two postings. You see it in advertising and fashion everywhere. You see it in music and entertainment. You see it in the boardrooms and executive suites. When you are young it is the driving life force that expresses itself in all manner of ventures besides courtship and copulation. Later (if not before) it expresses itself in progeny and later still it expresses itself in its absence of efficacy and its gradual disappearance along with you as well. It plays a significant role in your health. When you are young it maintains you with its sheer abundance and in latter days it keeps you well according to whatever conservation discipline you have in place.

It is vitality and flexibility. It is poetry and pornography. It is a reservoir of both joy and sorrow. It comes as rage and outrage, depending on how the plumbing is channeled and it blossoms in perversity and piety as well, according to the schematic of the plumbing. The schematic gets built by the contractor, who employs the draftsman, who reels out the blueprints that get impressed on the subconscious by the Satanic or Angelic Subliminals, who program the people according to the way they harvest the collective sexual force for their profit. This happens when they sell you the clothes you wear or the beer you drink. This happens when they get you to dance in their strip clubs or work on Maggie’s Farm; fight in their wars, rumble in their streets, or lay on your backs and lurch at the skies with empty hypnotized eyes, as if the creator were above you, instead of inside you and that is an important distinction. There can be a big difference in motive depending on who is running the show; inside or outside. The ones who profit off of the usual plumbing arrangements put all their attention on being influential about who runs the show but they never have any real say in that. Their only power lies in convincing you they do or in getting you to believe in their version of who runs things.

They do this in organized religions. They get you indoctrinated into certain dogma and ritual and you take it as gospel. There is nothing accidental about the pedophilia and buggery of the priests. There is nothing accidental about the exposure of it and there is nothing accidental about its occurrence in every area where it happens because those who participate in these things are drawn to those areas where such opportunities reside. Essentially it all comes down to the plumbing again. Some might not have noticed that the devil is loose.

via Visible Origami | The Angelic and Satanic Subliminals Working on Maggie’s Farm.


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