Smoking Mirrors | One Day the Spiritual Sun will Shine into the Prisons of this World.

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A little book about dogs.

I have always appreciated the Black Panthers. I don’t think they would have appreciated me, being a white man. I don’t hold that against them. I fully understand why they would feel the way they did. Here is a classic example of the injustice that riddles the Noahide court system of the United States. The hypocrisy of this hijacked Land of Oz is stifling. While Zionist fronts like The Southern Poverty Law Center and other Tribe constructs parade under a crusade of public decency and pretend to give a shit about civil rights, all they are really up to is the basest forms of self interest. They pretend to liberation but they are the force behind confinement. Scratch an injustice and you will find an Askenazi handprint. Long ago their genetic code made a pact with the devil and on it goes today.

43 years that man spent in solitary and others spent or are spending decades too. All across the perverted landscape of America, tens of thousands of souls are incarcerated in horrible circumstances. Some of them are only there for the purpose of corporate profit because the private prison industry demands it. Big money is behind the creation of the legislation of more and more laws to cover more and more offenses, in order to provide more and more inmates.

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