Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Busted Rhapsody of What is and What is Not.

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Love things like this (sent in by one of our regulars)
Sometimes it is hard to see how far out of wack it has all gotten in the general sense. Regardless of how long life seems to be sometimes, the usual human life is very short, relatively speaking. Because of this it is hard to gain a true perspective on the long term trend of existence from say… what we don’t even have a record of, to where we find ourselves today and this is further complicated because the vast majority of us have little desire to ‘find ourselves’ and that is why so many of us are so hopelessly (seemingly) lost. What we know about where we came from, according to the totally fabricated historical record, is… very little. We are told that we slowly evolved to our present state from brutish origins. We get a lot of bunk about cavemen and dinosaurs… cro magnon, neanderthal… fragments of bones from a million years ago that are supposed to tell us something but… we don’t know anything.

There’s the mainstream historical and evolutionary record, which is put together by a particular strain of scientists, who come to conclusions that are given to them by the people paying them to arrive at the results they arrive at. Anyone outside the box is marginalized or censured in various ways, for the same reasons that people like Tesla and others ran into what they ran into on the technology end and for the same reason that The Bible has been run through the same kind of meat grinder that makes McDonald’s hamburgers and then gets reconstituted into a liturgy of lies, to serve the interests of whoever it is that profits from the deceptions that are programmed as truth into the minds of the true believers.via Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Busted Rhapsody of What is and What is Not..


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