Smoking Mirrors | The Ineluctable March of Karma and Global Transiting.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Dogs have shown me the way, not because they are intelligent and possess objective knowledge about the path but because their unqualified devotion and love reveal to one all that is needed to reach the ineffable and… in this Kali Yuga …that… is the one sure and certain course.

Karma is, at once, mysterious and right in your face obvious. I draw you attention to this strange affair. If you are a fan of curious events, as I am, you come across events like this nearly every day and you may be sure that whether you come across them or not, they are happening. If you have arranged this then an elephant will surely come out of the woods at dawn where no elephant is expected to be in a place where elephants are not native residents.

We live in a time of ‘crazy is normal’ and ‘normal is criminal’. People chase after personal celebrity as if it were the holy grail of achievement and it doesn’t matter what you have to do to acquire it. Here are a couple of twits at work. There’s no point to it except attention for the sake of attention. It’s not very imaginative and it’s an attempt to imply that men are making similar comments to women. I don’t doubt the catcalling of construction workers and sidewalk loiterers but I’m pretty sure the comments are not in the same range, given that I have witnessed these things. Here is an example of something that has been trending for some time. People want to be black because black is publicized as cool and white is not only passe but politically incorrect. I’m not arguing that the white race has not been responsible for some unfortunate events. I will say that this whole construct is Tribe created and that the entire white race hasn’t caused anywhere near the problems created by this tiny demographic of greed and power junkies.

via Smoking Mirrors | The Ineluctable March of Karma and Global Transiting..


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