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The greater the force of Material Culture, the more the general mind is imprisoned in the turbulent soup of it. It’s not my place to pass judgment on whether that is the best place for it. My continuing observation is that it is probably not, for one cardinal and critical reason …and that is due to all of the lives and minds so engaged being of a temporary duration. It is the inescapable truth that those minds and lives and all that is attendant, must take their leave at some point and due to the consistent nature of attachment, it will not be a pleasant separating when it happens. If every reference point in the minds of those under consideration here is in Material Culture then… where does that leave one when they leave?

It’s all about the bandwidth and it could be measured and understood should the scientific community take any interest in that. However, the scientific community is an employee of Material Culture. They get no salary and no positive recognition, unless they serve the interests of Material Culture and it doesn’t matter how ridiculous their fumbling about in the dark might be, all of it receives the imprimatur of Material Culture. It doesn’t matter how horrific their experimentations are. It doesn’t matter how dangerous to the population of the entire world their efforts become, it all has the favor of Material Culture. What isn’t always known in a wider sense is that Material Culture is suicidal. It WILL kill itself at one point. It always has. Before it kills itself though, there are stages it passes through on the way and one of those stages is the point at which it goes stark raving mad. This is not merely a possibility that may or may not occur. It is a certainty.

There are a number of certainties about Material Culture, one is that its technical capacity will outstrip the state of its moral evolution and there will be Hell to pay. Material Culture is, in its essence, all about SELFISHNESS. What this eventually leads to is a small minority of the most selfish taking possession of the majority of the world’s wealth and… because these individuals are clinically insane, they will not stop appropriating until they own and control all they can own and control and they will use ANY means necessary to accomplish this. If that means turning the entire planet into a combination prison camp and global graveyard, that is fine with them. They are not human in the way we classically understand that word (those of us who do understand the meaning of it). Because of this they do not behave as you would expect a human being to behave. They renounced their humanity for the purpose of personal gain at the expense of humanity. The proof of this is patently obvious.

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