Smoking Mirrors

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There are many people out there who pay tens of thousands of dollars a year for medication which, in most cases, they only need because they engage in dietary behavior that compromises their health. It’s a known fact that people who have too much money and too little time; probably as a result of making too much money, choose not to cook their own food and eat in restaurants or patronize take out joints. The foods prepared in these places have a high octane acid content and as a result certain maladies are guaranteed over time. This is one of the major disconnects of our time, in this culture of youth worship. People are convinced they can get away with anything because they are young and the culture tells them this. Of course, all the unfortunate payback comes later and come it will.

There is a reason that some of us stay mobile and limber. There’s a lot of people like that in The Orient, tripping the light fantastic into their 80s. There are people in India who can do all kinds of things. They put the time in. They put the time in a certain direction. Meanwhile, “the world” is like a cowboy steer wrangler on a drive to the Kansas City stockyards. That doesn’t happen anymore because the cattle all travel by truck and train these days but so does the cattle I am talking about. The cattle I’m talking about even flies on planes and though they are cattle, they often more resemble sardines in these cases, unless they have lots of money or a company that is fond of their devotion. Cattle and sardines do have things in common and you can see them act as one, often. So the world is on a cattle drive and the rapier thin foreman, the head honcho, all dressed in black, who doesn’t have a face, only an iridescent skull and he’s whistling the theme from Rawhide. He’s got a toothpick in his mouth that smolders like a lit cigarette due to the ‘breath of fire’ and we are not referring to Kundalini Yoga. This is serious business that is known as ‘the Last Roundup’ The end result is no different for either herd of cattle.

I stand in parking lots and stores sometimes and I watch. I put my mind in a fugue state, a detached hyper reality mindset and I watch the human tattoo billboards go by. I study the shopping carts and listen in on conversations and there is always the telepathic bleedoff that makes cartoon balloons over people’s heads. I used to think everyone could see these but no, just like I used to think that everyone who took acid was having a spiritual experience, no… that was not the case and a lot of the time, over time it turned into some kind of new age thing, or multicolored ascended masters, with all kinds of shimmering graffiti around them… or it goes Satanic in any number of myriad permutations of the same which come under more innocuous covers. There’s a lot of that going around. One of the reasons that bona fide masters warn against the use of psychotropics is because people are as easily fooled by appearances (possibly even more so) in those altered states as they are in the ordinary life. Bona fide spiritual masters say that the long term slow rise takes you up the mountain in a more sure and less erratic way. Still… there are many ways up the mountain and one’s ability to negotiate certain paths is dependent on them. It doesn’t work for everyone, not even for most people but… it does work.

via Smoking Mirrors.


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