Visible Origami | Circling and Spiraling on the Helix of the Ineffable.

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The elements dance within… sometimes. More often they make war. In this war, they win and you lose because you are sent on your way and the elements return to themselves. They are part of an endless repeating cycle that runs in a circle and those devoted to that process are acolytes of the varieties of nature worship as well as the occasional perversions of the same, which flourish in darker times. There are other methods of celebrating the unknown, which are attended by other forms of devotion, that manifest in the shape of a helix and others that manifest in a spiral. Maybe we are drawn to what we are drawn to because of our particular composition and maybe we are only composed a certain way because of the needs of experience to flesh and un-flesh us out. Then again, a circle is always a circle. A helix is always a helix and a spiral is always a spiral and they lead in different ways. One might say that all of these are infinite in their continuance but that not all of them repeat, or that perhaps all of them repeat but not in the same fashion. One of these processes always takes place HERE, endlessly rising and falling in seasons. There are those who are devoted to this process and they remain contained within it.

Long established religions become highly complex over the passage of time. They all start out simple and the truth has yet to be concealed in a Byzantine embroidery of dogma and cant. The teachings of the founders of their faiths were unfailingly simple in their message and it is to be presumed that there are always two specific teachings for two specific audiences. I believe Christ spoke about that; how there was one message for the public and another for the disciples, or initiates… after awhile the system (is dis a system?) turns into something that would put the Gordian Knot to shame. The Catholic religion was already a preposterous drag ball before Thomas Aquinas wrote out his laundry list of convolutions. I’m not saying that Thomas didn’t have a contribution to make, although I have never yet met someone who has read him.

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