The strange case of Carlos the Spanish air traffic controller – Wake Up From Your Slumber !

(Note: this is a work in progress. My intention is to know who is Carlos. Where is he? Why he has disappeared?) I am a citizen from Barcelona who is living in Lithuania. I am using a nick-name but I am not an avatar or a fake profile. I have not any connection with Russian secret services or with Russia. I am not member of any organization, political party or agency. I try to be honest when I write about the Ukrainian conflict. I have to admit that sometimes I am biased since I have been always a moderately left-wing person. There are millions of citizens in Catalonia or Spain that are also left-wing like me. This is why since the beginning I have been active against maidan. When I saw the people that were involved in that movement (the neo-nazis of “Pravy Sektor” and fascists of “Svoboda”) I immediatly thought that I had to do something to fight against them. Sorry for my English that is far from perfect)

Some thoughts and information about Carlos, the Spanish air traffic controller who said that was working in Borispol airport (Kiev) when the Malaysian Boeing was shot down (according to him the Boeing was shot down by jets following instructions of Kiev Junta)

Carlos gave an interview to RT en Español (May 8th 2014). Check the link below. I am following him in twitter since march 2014.One of my friends is following him since January 2014. He said that he was traffic air controller in Ukraine BEFORE the Malaysian plane tragedy happened. The account of Carlos was created in 2010. Before Maidan he posted a lot of stuff there (I read many of his posts with my own eyes….tweets about his life, travels, football, bullshitting etc….anything about politics). On thursday 17 th at 7 pm (Lithuanian time) I was at home watching BBC World News and it appeared a flash with the breaking news, a Boeing of Malaysia Airlines crashed somewhere near the Russian border in the Donbass region.

via The strange case of Carlos the Spanish air traffic controller – Wake Up From Your Slumber !.


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