Smoking Mirrors | Updates and Outtakes and WTF?

By Visible

I remember a story I heard a long time ago. It was so long ago that the details have become somewhat blurred but I remember the point well enough to proceed to make it. There was this magician who took a pupil and began to educate him in the principals of the art. Now and again he would demonstrate something and blow the students mind. Time passed and for one reason or another the day came when the master had gone off somewhere and the student was motivated to try out something he had learned. He went through the motions and… lo and behold, it worked! This blew his mind. He was on tenterhooks until the master returned at which point he went running up to him in an excited state and told the master what had happened. The master, bemused, looked at him in an arch fashion-,for all I know he raised an eyebrow and he said, “Son, if you are going to perform magic, you have to expect it to work.”

This is one of those stories, examples… where it is more analogy or indirectly related to something that may not be the obvious target of the example but I’m guessing it relates to things hinted at here. This is not to say that I have been in the business of the practice of magic because the only magic that interests me is the one where you do nothing and it all gets done through you. What I am trying to say is that if a person is relentless and forceful in any direction they are eventually going to make some amount of progress in movement in that direction, or gain some facility in whatever it is they have focused their time and attention on. What this means is that eventually conditions and events that are peculiar to… whatever… are going to start manifesting. This is going to happen in terms of your diet, whether you exercise or not, who you do and do not associate with, what you do and do not do, What you think about and what you say and… what you don’t think about and what you don’t say and all of this and a thousand others influences that all make up the enormous complexity of each of us and it accounts for our personal karma, destiny and fate, along with any other term you want to throw in there, all come out of this collective of personal minutiae and, of course, meaning is given according to the window of time it is demonstrating through.

via Smoking Mirrors | Updates and Outtakes and WTF?.


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