Reflections in a Petri Dish | Out of the Well of the Subjective and into a Cleansing Light.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Shakin it here Boss.

Finally, a functioning computer and then late into the evening it took, inexplicably, a long time to get word processing software. Technology for a radio broadcast is still not in place so there will be none for one last week, my apologies for that.

As a result of posting a small mention of my recent difficulties, people have been writing in en masse to tell me about similar difficulties experienced by them or those in their circle. It has been illuminating to read these reports. What a fine degree of resonance we have here. I am as moved by the suffering of those among us as I am powerless to do anything about itn except through the agency of prayer. What i have noticed in my life is that any idea of personal power that I possess is more and more being reduced to an utter dependence on the ineffable. I am being progressing ground to dust but I hope it is more like grapes crushed under the force of invisible feet, to make a half decent wine.

I would discuss more specifically what happened to me but there is this very small collection of a handful of malcontents who bear me an astonishing amount of ill will. It cannot be the result of my having been brusk or rude with them at some point. This would be extreme overkill; not that there are not people capable of this and I think what really disturbs them is that all of their efforts to discredit me have failed and they simply cannot understand why I have not been censured, silenced or just gone by now. I have counseled them to be patient but they are apparently incapable of that.

I would probably have ceased being as candid as I have been, for such a length of time, if I had shown more curiosity about what these people were saying about me. I have thought that those who are overly concerned about what others say about them have certain problems which I would prefer not to possess. In the last couple of months, a correspondent whose company I enjoy, albeit virtually, went out of his way to share certain details with me. I was fairly surprised. I have never understood why people would intentionally spread lies when the truth is available to them and then there are those who claim to have an amazing awareness of what I do each day and what has and has not happened to me, even though they have never met me or ever been around me. There are people insisting that I did not break my hip last year and that I fabricated the event in order to milk donations from my readers.

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