Smoking Mirrors | Walking Half-Blind through the Minefields of Material Darkness.

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It’s a spiral, not a circle, unless you’d prefer some law of return. Nothing beats Suffering for a successful weight loss program. Two for the cost of none.

Never before, except when I was locked up, have I spent so much time thinking about it all. There’s always the possibility that there is a reason for that.

Probably the hardest challenge for any of us, walking half blind through the minefields of material darkness, is to be able to successfully train oneself to have a timeless perspective about it all. Nothing here is as important as it seems and hindsight proves this again and again. The extremes to which people will go to get their hands on something they think they want, pushes the envelope of absurdity to ridiculous lengths and the cost… ah, the cost.

The biggest obstacle to timeless thinking has to do with programmed lifestyles, based on time awareness and the compartmentalization of consciousness, into time sectors of managed experience. This all comes about through the impact of culture on mind. Primitive cultures have an entirely different view and are much more in line with the cosmic view; consider Aboriginal Dream Time. Consider some of the Buddhist and Hindu perspectives that come about when the mind is freed from The Cultural Matrix. Failing that, you are Food. You get eaten by what contains you. You are processed like Spam in a can. Sometimes you get long hair and sometimes you get tattoos. The sexual force, which is the primary life impetus, is shaped and managed by a variety of influences …but one truth is predominant. It either flows outward or inward and the results are diametrically opposite. In times of material darkness the pull outward is very great and the gamut of cultural traditions and collective behavior are arranged around the prevailing mind set.

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