Visible Origami | Where’s the Haldol Collider when You Need it?

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Just because you can’t flee it doesn’t mean it’s going to catch you and just because it does doesn’t mean its bad.

Right… right… tap tap, “is this thing on?”

What an interesting trend this Planned Parenthood, Crass Media, Splash Party is turning out to be. I haven’t seen anything like this since the word came up or down from wherever it came from, to expose the Catholic Priesthood, Pederast and Pedophilia, Local 6986 for performing illegal labor tactics outside the box.

It is a fine testimony to how subjective the legions of thumb humpers and object junkies are when all Ass Media has to do is put the spotlight on Trump, add a pint of Gin and presto! Instant Oligarch Validation. I wonder about things like this but I shouldn’t, not in Pop Tart Central, where they mint icons like commemorative coins and then crash the precious metals index a couple of weeks later. Then there’s the matter of all those Snoop Dog cameo appearances in major film releases and finally… Satan Rising in Detroit. The tits and ass bondage ad prominently featured on the page of this website doesn’t hurt either. Okay, maybe it won’t be there when you arrive but it was when I did.

via Visible Origami | Where’s the Haldol Collider when You Need it?.


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