Visible Origami | The Empire of Heaven and the Buddha of LSD

How deep is the sea? How high is the sky? How boundless the world of that tear in your eye? Somewhere, I came across the idea that the space between the atoms in our bodies is relatively the same distance between the bodies in space. I don’t know how real that is but it sounds interesting, if it should prove to be so.

The more that I retreat from the speculations, arguments and patently observable bullshit of the various media, spinning their webs of darkness, like squids dispensing ink, the more absurd and off base it all seems to me. The next fixed election looms, as they set the stage for one more hijacking of our collective well being. Our well being took off with the swallows of Capistrano a long while ago. It’s cruising with the invisible bees that used to be and shimmering in the soft summer air with all those Monarch butterflies that swam across their own Rio Grande, somewhere, once upon a time and not so long ago.

When humanity has fallen past a certain longitudinal line in the sand on its way south, metaphorically speaking, Nature gets the cue and takes a hike of its own. It begins to wash up on the beaches and fall from the skies. It manifests death dances, like animated crop circles and instead of wheat and whatever, flattened against the Earth, you got endangered species twisting in some kind of Native American ghost dance. So many things are waving goodbye. Features of humanity have turned into stateless refugees in search of a home. There’s some kind of cosmic, ‘use it or lose’ dynamic at work. If you’ve no need for compassion; honor, dignity, integrity, or any of the other homies or rap partners generally associated with them, they’re all leaving town in search of new horizons. What’s left? What’s left? You’re looking at it, provided you can tear yourself away from that cellphone.

via Visible Origami | The Empire of Heaven and the Buddha of LSD.


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