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If you don’t control your thoughts, it is very much like having the radio or TV on all day. Later in life you find people have both of these on at the same time anyway and this is to distract the mind from the flood of uncontrolled thoughts that by this stage of existence are filled with recrimination and regret and most noticeable FEAR; Fear of the unknown. Why is this fear about the unknown? It is because self inquiry was not on the menu. Everything that can be discovered about the unknown and the greater world outside can be accessed by the greater world inside through the process of self inquiry.

There are a number of ways to process self inquiry. One of them is through the technique offered by Ramana Maharshi and that is to repeat the question, “Who am I?” over and over and over again.

Another way is to repeat the name of whatever image of the ineffable inspires you the most. You might say something like; “Come Lord Jesus Christ” or “be still and know that I am God.” You might repeat “Hare Krishna, Hare Rama”, endlessly. You might say, as I do, “Om Amitabha” again and again. You can do this audibly or, as I do most of the time, silently.

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