Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Most Incredibly Long and Winding Road.

By Visible

Because we are caught up in our own affairs and our own ideas about our relevance and value we are seldom aware of the scrutiny that the ineffable puts on us or the situations that the ineffable puts us in to measure our humanity. Most people think of the ineffable as being far off. That is an unfortunate perspective to possess, or be possessed by. The truth of the matter and THIS IS the truth is that the ineffable is closer to us than anything could be. The ineffable is our self, our real self and all these mortal personalities that we dance out of one life and into another with are just suits of clothes. We would literally have no life in us were it not that the ineffable lives his life or her life in ours. One of the reasons that I am not of an opinion concerning people’s sexual attractions is because we all possess a male and female nature and the secret and sacred job of existence is to harmonize them and that is why there is a bridal chamber in a certain location of the brain and the esoteric and etheric planes in that area that overlays the brain. Most people’s eyes glaze over if you mention something like this, or they are immediately distracted by the things of the world and that is the job of the mind and the world to do that. If there is a devil and in some fashion a force of that nature does exist, it would be the mind and the world is the playground of the mind. The mind forms attachments with the world and this isolates us away, behind veils, from the glory and splendor of the ineffable.

I hear negative things occasionally from people who rail at me for encouraging people to put their faith in some unreal being, or they give me static about my invisible friends. The truth of that is that just because they don’t have relationships of this order that means I couldn’t possibly have either. We all have relationships of this sort but we don’t all acknowledge them or pursue them. That is their fault. I have mentioned more than once that I never had the contact I have today until less than ten years ago. Yes, I have had contacts of this sort for decades but only via the medium of psychedelics or at odd moments but… I persisted and persisted and I suffered and got knocked about by life’s hammer. I never gave up seeking, no matter what I was put through and this is one of the payoffs of a consistency of purpose. The greatest love affair of all time is the one that takes place between the ineffable and our soul. There is nothing like it and all of our earthly romances are poor copies of this and only successful insofar as they go if we are able to see the presence of the ineffable in them.

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