Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Adamic Principle and Friends in High Places.

Dog Poet Transmission…….Fawcett CartoonWell… it is all coming together or… coming apart, depending on your position with the glass being half full or half empty; even though the biggest concern is what the glass is half full or half empty with. Russia is officially dumping the US dollar and China has offloaded half a trillion in recent times. It is the end of Reserve Currency Status. The critical reality here is that this is directed at the Zionista Bankers who have been running things for a good while and who are now sitting on the Whoopee Cushion. It doesn’t matter which way they shift in their seats, the sound effects will follow. That leaves only the one option that remains, every time only one option remains and that is WAR.In consideration of WAR being the option, the Zionist Banker controlled West has been circling Russia with ZATO forces and utilizing all sorts of sanctions and seizures as intimidation tactics. The war is actually not simply one of geo-political nature. It is operating on many fronts. Here is another front where the forces of the dark side are massed and- moving right along, here is another theater of operations. At MSNBC the tale of the Kentucky clerk has been the number one headline for days.The war being promoted by the Zionist Bankers and their agents in tandem with International Satanists on the physical fronts, where proxy forces are being employed in The Middle East, the Ukraine and other locations has just experienced a dynamic shift, given that Russia is going boots on the ground in Syria and will be committed to the destruction of ISIS which is financed and operated by Israel.

Source: Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Adamic Principle and Friends in High Places.


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