Smoking Mirrors | Following the Whiffenpoof in an Ever Tightening Spiral.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….Baldwin Dog ToonThere is a full scale war against humanity taking place right now. It is happening on every level that it can happen on. In countries that do not have the political or economic clout to defend themselves, they are being killed outright, so that arms merchants can make money and so that bankers can take their piece of the action, so that corporations can sell their products and on and on. In countries where outright slaughter would not, for the moment, be permitted, the populace is being intimidated at every level to make them malleable. In order to make them malleable, they have to be confused, conflicted and made apprehensive and instilled with a sense of hopelessness. This is accomplished through things like the impact of Israeli policies on domestic police forces; through the ever increasing squeeze on economic opportunities and wage freezes, through the elevation of the relative value of illegal immigrants and alternative sexual politics agents and pretty much anyone and everyone over white Europeans and Americans and they are pulling out all stops as you can see here.

Source: Smoking Mirrors | Following the Whiffenpoof in an Ever Tightening Spiral.


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