Visible Origami | Maybe it isn’t April. Maybe September is the Cruelest Month.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….I suppose it is time to talk about this month we are in and all of the vain predictions being made by those who consider themselves informed. Here we have a whole barrel full of hogwash that is based on Chosen People Syndrome that was created by agents of the Self Chosen people, who created all kinds of religious history that backs up everything BEING ABOUT THEM. The wackness in this comes with the fantasy that they are the preferred offspring of the almighty when… the god they serve is most certainly a demonic entity and this should be easily observable even to borderline intellects. Here is a whole lot of prediction and projection based on false history and false prophecies put together by those who manipulate western religious traditions for their own material profit.I am not suggesting that every member of this demographic is a malign and psychopathic entity, or that some of them aren’t actually spiritually engaged and possibly even illuminated because there are individuals from every system of faith who are. What I am suggesting is that the evidence tells us that a good portion of these individuals are skilled liars and the most glaring evidence of that is their rank and file support of The Holocaust Myth. Let us consider how intelligent they are in certain areas of enterprise and then let us determine that they cannot be universally stupid concerning this non event, even if they have been as programmed as the rest of the population, there is no way that a serious number of them have not seen through it and let us keep in mind the alarmingly large numbers that show up on demand, talking about their personal experiences in concentration camps that never happened. How can it be that I can’t even come up with a single one of them, off the bat, who is noted for poking holes in this huge monstrosity of a very, very profitable lie. All I can come up with is that Tribe member who went and did that video tour of Auschwitz and exposed the gas chambers/crematorium fabrication. How many investigative journalists are Tribe members who are employed on the left? How many of them are being truthful about this? When thousands of them were warned through Odigo on 9/11, how many of them came out about this? There is something uniformly wrong about these people.

Source: Visible Origami | Maybe it isn’t April. Maybe September is the Cruelest Month.


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