Smoking Mirrors | Something Dark and Malevolent is Moving Behind the Scenes

Dog Poet Transmitting…….I have one of those kinds of minds that when confronted with something that doesn’t make sense, worries at it like a dog would at a rogue toenail. It isn’t something I engage in consciously. It is a subconscious feature of being me. I think I have always been afflicted, or gifted with this. You can see it as afflicted in the sense that it won’t go away until some kind of closure is achieved. You can see it as gifted in the sense that usually, finally, an answer is arrived at. One of the nagging WTF’s was what happened with Jeff Rense. Given that we had some number of intimate and friendly exchanges over the years, including, on occasions, things said in confidence, it is altogether reasonable that if there were a problem with anything I was saying, he would have told me about it. Instead, he wiped me clean away and told everyone that works for him and who he features on his website, not to talk to me, apparently under threat of penalty.Furthermore, I have aggressively defended this man, more so than anyone else I know of because loyalty is a big priority with me and when I consider someone a friend I will go to just about any length and have the track record to prove it. Something happened and whatever it was, it wasn’t something I did that was in any way directed at Jeff. The orders for whatever happened came from somewhere else. I am convinced of this. Factoring also into this is that at the same time, orders came down to other webmasters and people I have known for years and they all stepped away from me.I will admit to being a loose canon at times and not susceptible to any forms of control from outside. I’m not unique this way. There have been others in my field of endeavor, over time, who simply will not be coerced by anyone or anything. I say what I believe to be true, regardless of the cost. However, should I be proven wrong, I immediately retract and apologize and this has been demonstrated at these blogs several times; thankfully (grin) not a whole bunch of times.

Source: Smoking Mirrors | Something Dark and Malevolent is Moving Behind the Scenes


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