Visible Origami | The Creeping Understandings from the Fathomless Pool.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….I had a wonderful visit with a Naturopathic physician from the mainland this evening who is in the islands for a wedding and a visit and who was kind enough to travel some good distance across the island just to stop in with me. It was reassuring to be in the company of a resonant mind. He’s been a reader of the blogs for a good long while, He’s a big hearty fellow, filled with life and that aura of health that comes from right living. It was one of those timeless excursions into thought and conversation that don’t come around all that often but when they do they are welcome indeed. Thank you James for the pleasure of your company.It’s funny how the ineffable manages my life. Certainly I am not qualified to do so and the years have taught me this. In recent times I have been bouncing the ball of possibilities off of the wall of circumstance; knowing that if I return to Germany for a month or so, all of my health considerations could be managed for free. At the same time, if I am kept here then it means that somehow they will be managed here. I’ve come to understand that the door will open in one direction or the other and I must be content with what opportunity and mysterious destiny accord. It seems that one of my most compelling and necessary lessons which need to be learned, is to accept what the man on the beach told me; “Everything is under control” There are moments when it all comes together and I understand both the mystical and practical significance of this. Then there are other moments when the enduring and inflexible reality of this escapes me and I spin round and round until it reoccurs to me that everything is under control and I am once again caught up in the mystical and practical significance of it, like a pro on a surf board who understands the power of the wave he is riding and the dynamic that exists between his sense of balance and the fury of the water that carries him, instead of crushing him and this is always the case, seen or not. We have to come to understand that we cannot fight these forces and win. We have to use them within the context of what is possible. Bend and you need not break. Lean into it and on and so on.

Source: Visible Origami | The Creeping Understandings from the Fathomless Pool.


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