Smoking Mirrors

I know there are people out there who think there isn’t enough evidence to implicate Israel in 9/11. Then there are people who refuse to believe it and even if it were proven to them would not accept it. Then there are people who know that it is true and won’t admit it because they are it. Then there are people so stupid or asleep that the idea of it can’t penetrate the concrete that encases their consciousness. Then there are those who are indifferent in any case and don’t give a shit because the only thing that concerns them is themselves and whatever it is that they want and that is either changing on a regular basis or it is more or less fixed. There are others of course but never mind for the moment. Given what is being revealed at this website, this would qualify as a serious smoking gun. Here’s a shorter intro that is nothing less than startling. If you did have doubts before, this should put them to rest.At the back of my mind is a wariness that this could be some kind of a set up that is geared for exposure in coming days, where the photography with the explosive fuse boxes lining the walls proves to be an elaborate hoax. We already know that Israelis were living on those upper floors and we know about the World Trade Center security being shut down on Marvin Bush’s watch prior to the attacks. We’ve got tons of information about Israel being involved already, including the moving company and the dancing Israelis and the planes attacking the towers that were airbrushed on a van. It goes on and on. So it is possible for them to take what we know and seek to reduce it to a questionable state.Here is one of the latest slick and well funded operations coming out to defend the poor and defenseless professional victims industry. You will note that they label everyone as not only anti-Israel but anti-US as if they were synonymous.I see all of this as a play by the coming avatar and I anticipate massive exposures attended by massive awakenings and god knows what the reaction is going to be when the agents of the dark side feel their sense of control slipping away from them. We are on the cusp of all kinds of things threatening to break loose and there are distractions aplenty to keep the world occupied with other things like the huge migration of people from war zones and the entry of Russia into direct involvement in Syria. There are all kinds of things going on and more to come; much more.

Source: Smoking Mirrors


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