Smoking Mirrors | The Ugliness of War and the International Bankers who are Behind It.

By Visible

I thought about this as we watched the film last night. It was, “Gone with the Wind”. Incidentally, I had never seen the film before. I tried to watch it several times in recent years and each time I shut it off after about 15 minutes because it seemed so contrived and dated and when I say dated… I mean that the lies being told were a lot more transparent than they are in the moment because the technology of lies is always being improved. Sure, there was a civil war and the people living in those times were just as deluded as they are now but the way the conditions are painted is always radically different from the way they were. There was no mention of Jewish ownership of the slave vessels.

There’s no mention in the film of the substantial Jewish influence in the conflict. Here is one of those mainstream fact twisters where they try to spin what happened according to what didn’t happen and here is something more to the point and which includes a wider reach as well. Because they are the timeless bankers behind war and all manner of horrible human events you just have to follow the money. The footprints are there if you care to see them and if you do not care to see them, it is because you do not wish to become known as an agent of the truth. There are few dangers that are greater in these times than to be labeled as a agent of truth; though the terms used will be different.

“they justify all the things they do
with convoluted logic and
the waves still pound upon the sand
and will when they are gone.

God’s not dead he’s merely hiding
you can see him in the morning
when the sun is rising.”

We watched the film and I saw what I imagine is true before every conflict and that is how honorable the cause is made to seem and how inflamed with patriotic fervor all the dancing fools become. It is the same in any age when bombast and demagogic speech-makers kindle those atavistic passions out of the reptile brain. The film was half an hour longer than it needed to be but they required that half hour to kill off everyone you might have cared about or didn’t care about and plant a tombstone saying ‘love is dead’. I’m a happy ending kind of a guy and even if you don’t see the happy ending on this side of the equation it definitely happens on the other side. I’m not a fan of pointless struggle and people yelling at each other and conversely never saying what they really feel, or saying it when no one is around to hear them.

People who promote war have either never seen war or don’t intend to be there. They just want the profits. I said several times during the film, “but it was worse than that.” They don’t show you how it really is. They don’t show you the graphic carnage and what war does to the hearts and minds of those who survived it. Tens of thousands of soldiers were held in Andersonville. It was so bad there that cannibalism was a regular feature but that doesn’t get talked about much. Andersonville doesn’t get talked about much in any case. This is what happens in war and atrocities are rampant on both sides.

Over 50,000 men died at Gettysburg; as many as died in the entire Vietnam conflict. We don’t get the scale of these things. Imagine being on that battlefield and hearing the cries of the wounded and there were no painkillers except in the hands of the black marketeers. Imagine what it would have been like to walk among them; the screams of torment and the agony that made each moment seem like a hour and this was only one event among many in a pointless war caused by bankers and that was only one war among many that have come and gone. Imagine if you can, the epic scale of it all. You cannot. Imagine the gulags designed by the early Zionists. Imagine the Shah’s prisons and SAVAK. Imagine the same in Guatemala in the 80’s. Imagine Argentina and Chile and Rwanda and The Congo and The Ukraine and the Potato Famine in Ireland, the same bankers did both of these last two AND they did Armenia too. Imagine Nanking and British colonial India; the opium war(s)? Imagine these and so many many more that I have not mentioned. No… you cannot. You might say that every war was not caused by these same bankers; what about Genghis Khan and Tamerlane? What about the Moors? What about Mao? Yeah… evil has many forms and faces. It is my policy to only deal with the most immediate concerns.

Source: Smoking Mirrors | The Ugliness of War and the International Bankers who are Behind It.


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