Visible Origami | Some Words in Honor of the Passing of a Great Human Being; Piero Resta.

By Visible

We have come to the edge of it. We are on the edge and the edge is everywhere. Any strong wind will set it off. Every human being is an island of consciousness. When John Donne said, “every man’s death diminishes me”, he wasn’t talking about individual consciousness, although in a sense he was. What he was talking about and… I have no way of knowing if he knew this, was of the ocean of subconsciousness that connects us all. We are all inlets into this ocean and this ocean is tossing in all directions, with angry foaming waves …because irresistible change is coming and that is what is stirring the wide waters. You might think it has to do with collective fear; desire, confusion, runaway ignorance and denial that has hardened its resistance but which cannot last against the force of the sea. These are symptoms of our dis-ease as we have departed from any sense of harmony with the great sea and this once shining Earth we inhabit. In our lassitude and indifference we have allowed the very worst of us to turn this planet into a smoldering garbage dump.

We must find the garden within and those of us seeking with the greater intensity have attracted the less than tender ministrations of the enemy of humanity. Any resistance to the force of herding and perverting that is taking place worldwide brings the attention of his minions to annoy and frustrate us in our every day. I experience this on a regular basis and I know that many readers are having a hard time of it because not a day goes by that I don’t hear from one of them and I have the direct evidence of my own life. It ain’t easy (grin).

I am going to step away from the usual blog posting formula to celebrate the life of a man whom I considered a good friend and who was someone I was looking forward to reuniting with when I managed to visit Maui. I would have been there already except for my assault, yet one more thing this unfortunate event has cost me- if you knew Piero, please go to the link above and say something. He deserves it. I’m guessing many people have not seen it or maybe even know. He lived as far away as you can get and most of the people who know him don’t read newspapers.

I find, before even setting about the attempt to do so, that I will be unable to pay justice to this man and his remarkable life. All of us know someone who inspired us simply by being in the same room; who lit up the room when they entered it, someone who was so filled with enthusiasm and joie de vive that it proved infectious. Piero was such a man and he brought so many of us together by creating scenes where artists would gather and demonstrate their abilities and wares to one another. He was a uniquely humble soul and I cannot remember him ever spending any time promoting himself. He was all about bringing out the creativity in others. Piero always wanted to know what you were up to. He didn’t spend that much time telling you what he was up to. It might come up for whatever reason now and again and be dismissed with that sincere self deprecating shrug that I remember him for.

Source: Visible Origami | Some Words in Honor of the Passing of a Great Human Being; Piero Resta.


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